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    Camera Upgrade – Nikon vs Canon

      Clients, potential clients, and guests that are not familiar with SLR camera bodies will find this posting very boring as I dive into the ...


Camera Upgrade – Nikon vs Canon

  Clients, potential clients, and guests that are not familiar with SLR camera bodies will find this posting very boring as I dive into the technical side. Consider yourself warned (grin). For those of you who are photographers, then you are very aware that both Nikon and Canon have recently upgraded their line of camera […]

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University of Miami Hosts 5th Graders

On Friday, February 17th, I worked with KAPOW (Kids And the Power Of Work) to document students from two elementary schools (G.W. Carver Elementary and Edison Park Elementary) touring the University of Miami. The purpose of this tour was to educate the youngsters on the opportunities that may be available to them if they apply […]

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Students In Trouble With The Law?!

KAPOW kids in trouble with the law?! Not a chance. These students from Village Elementary School in Sunrise (Broward County, Florida) were invited to get first-hand experience with law enforcement career opportunities and the equipment used by the City of Sunrise Police Department. Chief John E. Brooks recently invited the students to visit the new […]

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Fair Winds & Following Seas

It was that time of year to forget about work and go decompress, so Johanna (my girlfriend) and myself decided to charter a sailboat and set our course for the Caribbean. This is our story aboard  a sail vessel named “Andiamo” as we spent our Thanksgiving doing something a little out of the ordinary. We […]

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Kids Get Arrested!

KAPOW kids were arrested! Who will post bail? What on earth would get a student arrested from Pembroke Pines FSU Charter Elementary School?! Well, actually it’s a little late for April Fool’s Day…the day didn’t go down like this…thank goodness. Pembroke Pines Police Department invited the KAPOW kids to come tour their facility, and what […]

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6th Graders Go To College

On Sunday, February 25th, I worked with KAPOW (Kids And the Power Of Work) to document students from three elementary schools (George Washington Carver, Edison Park, Golden Glades) touring the University of Miami. Haley Gordon coordinated 165 kids to attend. The purpose of this tour was to educate the youngsters on the opportunities that may be […]

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Jumping Out of Good Airplanes?!

On Febuary 18th, I took photos at Skydive Sebastian where skydivers were jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. Yes, you read that correctly! Anyhow, my job was to document the training of one of their students. This skydiving facility, and professional crew of trainers and instructors, hosts experienced skydivers and is one of the premiere […]

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Children Work For Cruise Line

Ship ahoy! Once again, I got together with John Casbarro of Learning for Success to document the KAPOW tour on the high seas! This was the second time that the CEO of MSC Cruises, Richard Sasso, invited KAPOW’s kids aboard “MSC Poesia.” This time the group was made up of students from Doctor Martin Luther King […]

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Sunset in the Keys

For those of you who may be witnessing gray skies and winter precipitation, I have the following photos available to cheer you up! They feature one of my state’s many alluring coastal locales – the Florida Keys, an area of Florida that I could never tire of visiting. The islands of the Middle Keys offer […]

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School Aboard a Cruise Ship

Yesterday I worked with John Casbarro of Learning for Success, Inc. They manage a very worthwhile program called KAPOW (Kids And the Power Of Work). This South Florida organization partners businesses with teachers and schools to help students discover new and different jobs, what it takes to do them, and how everything they are learning […]

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Pet Gifts . . .

The spirit of the holidays is here. Mall parking lots are full of cars, houses are lit up and full of life, and kids will soon be searching the skies for an old jolly fellow that rides in a sleigh behind flying reindeer…with their gift on board. Have you got all of your gifts in […]

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Halloween Masquerade Party

The PetSet Halloween Masquerade Party was held at Yolo in Las Olas on October 30th. The work attire stayed at home and in it’s place were some costumes that really showed your creativity and attention to detail. Even the Devil showed up! Whether you were a mummy, a film character, or something sexy or scary, […]

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White Party!

The White Party came to a conclusion and the photos are in. The attendees and sponsors were brought together at Fort Lauderdale’s W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale to help raise funds for the Humane Society. $16,000 was raised…that’s a lot of kibble from one night’s efforts! Click here and enter your password for the all […]

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Road Into The Sky (1 video)

  Road into the Sky (HQ) (08 min 44 sec) https://VisualVoodoo.Com This is the High Quality version (HQ) & requires high-speed WiFi. If your video staggers, try this version: Vimeo.Com/visualvoodoo/road-into-the-sky Mount Evans is the “Road into the Sky”. It is one of 54 fourteeners (mountains with peaks over 14,000 feet (4,300 meters)) in Colorado, and […]

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2006 BMW 330i - 1

BMW’s “M” School (1 video)

What does it feel like to push a car to the edge? Better yet, how will I feel pushing a car to the ragged edge?! These were the questions that I wanted to address. The BMW Performance Driving School is the perfect place to learn the same skill sets that professional drivers work on every […]

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Lost In The Alps (10 videos)

These are the video episodes (10 total) that I did with a friend through the European Alps. We flew into Nice (France), rented motorcycles, and explored 1,100 miles of back roads in France, Monaco, Italy and Switzerland. We had dirt bikes reserved for the gravel, mud and snow that we planned on seeing, but the […]

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Lost in the Alps

Lost In The Alps – Episode 9 – Judge my Pass

Departing Gap (France), we get back into the “twisties”, passing through Jausiers (France) and Cuneo (Italy). Come play a game of “Judge My Pass”…you’ll see. We end the day by returning to Sospel (France), where we meet up with some friends that we made here.

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